10 Ways To Keep Your Thoughts In Check

10 Ways To Keep Your Thoughts In Check

Are you feeling inspired, tired, wired? What are you feeling? Life is a mix bag of tricks. Some joy and some pain. But we can’t have attachment to the things of this world.  Of course during tragedy and loss, we have to grieve.  To ignore such devastation is not being true to yourself. But to be happy contingent upon a relationship working, buying a car, buying a house, getting a promotion is a sure way for failure and negative thoughts. Embrace your frustration and disappointment but after a while check that at the door.

Let me explain this a little more in depth. I am in my 40’s. I never was the type of woman that just had to have kids but I assumed I would have at least one of two.  I feel in my heart I would have made a grand Mother. I have a lot of love to give.   After cancer, I am unable to have kids. I have to and had to make a resolve with this. My happiness is not contingent upon having a child.  Life may not go the way we feel it will go. But trust me as long as you have life, life will go.  Here are ways to keep your thoughts in check.

1.  Acknowledge the pain, grief, emotions. Allow yourself to heal and let it go when you can.

2.  Be true to yourself and state what you desire and deserve. Keep it real at all times, do not waiver on this.

3.  Watch your thoughts. In this world, unfortunately we will run into unhappy people. This energy will try to be shifted on to you.  Repel against it. Guard what you watch and intake in the news and social media.

4.  Read positive readings daily. This will keep your mind saturated with positive thoughts.

5.  Journal your thoughts. This is a dumping mechanism and it clears your mind of nervous thoughts.

6.  Go on what is reality not a pre-worry that has not come to past.

7.  Do not say words like I will never get married, I will never have a good relationship, I will never anything. Banish never from your vocabulary in regards to obtaining something. There is no truth to this.

8.  Remember to be happy because you can walk, you can talk, you know your name, you have a warm place to stay in, you have family and friends. You have life. Be ye grateful. Show love.

9.  Meditate and calm down your mind.

10.  Help someone else. It will keep your mind active and your spirit in a positive place.

We are the sum of our thoughts. Our thoughts become our reality. What are you thinking today?

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Tammi C. Walker
Tammi C. Walker was born and raised in the city of Chicago, Illinois. She is a life coach and owner of Dreams Are A Reality. She also is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer.