A Grown Man Handles His Business – When He Finds His Mrs. Right

A Grown Man Handles His Business – When He Finds His Mrs. Right

Nothing can bring you, a woman, happiness like having a grown, strong man who loves, accepts, and cherishes you, and treasures you for your authentic self.  This Mr. Right will not be afraid to commit you and make you his.  He will want to provide for you and protect you.


The heartbreaks and the men who have caused them may make this hard to believe.  But forget the bad boys, the emotionally unavailable men, the two-timing cheats, and the ones who just use you and dump you.  There are quality men out there who are emotionally available and who are looking for the woman to whom they can make a commitment.


If we women are looking for quality men who will love us, these quality men are looking for quality women who they can love.


Men don’t speak of that, not to their best buddies, their platonic girlfriends who they regard as sisters, and especially not to you, if he has his eye on you.  Quality men want to make the right decision and they just don’t blurt out what’s in their hearts.  Like all other men, they have this instinctive fear of the trade-offs they might have to give up if they settle on one woman.


But the difference between a grown, quality man and other men is that they make love trump over their fear.  Once they see their Mrs. Right, they will not let her go, and they will step up.


A Grown Man Handles His Business – When He Finds His Mrs. Right


These are a few things that Mr. Right will do for his Mrs. Right once he realizes that she is the One.


He Commits like a Champ!


Let’s be clear – it’s not that he isn’t afraid of commitment, but in reality his fear of losing “the perfect one – Mrs. Right” causes love to overpower him and win! Although he may struggle with the conversation in his head about commitment and the tradeoffs, he doesn’t punk-out. He faces his fears and pushes himself to “man up,” and emotionally commit simply because he knows she’s worth it! And so from this point forward, he is dedicated and devoted to winning her heart because she is the woman of his dreams; therefore he handles his business just like a grown and mature man should!


Each Day Is A New Day To Prove His Love


A grown man wants his woman to understand how wonderful she truly is and exactly how much she means to him. He believes that she deserves the world on a silver platter, and he wants to give it to her, by any means necessary. He wants to become her superhero! He wants to be involved in her life, take her places, let her try new foods, create new experiences with her, and provide for her.


And because he cares for her, his most important task for each day becomes proving his love for her. Therefore he takes absolute pleasure in making her happy and bringing a smile to her face. He never hesitates to pay her a compliment, open doors, send her flowers, or just be in her presence.


He also takes notice of all her core needs: physically, spiritually, financially, emotionally, and sexually – he daily strives to meet them. He enjoys taking the lead, being a provider, elevating her, and doing things for her that promotes her self-esteem. This makes her feel more confident about her decisions and her worth: knowing that she is supported by her man who cherishes her, Her Rock!


He has the Shallow Hal Syndrome!


When a man is in love, he doesn’t constantly criticize or try to change his woman. As a matter of fact, he almost sees her as a work of art – perfectly designed and created for him. He values the woman she is and he knows that her worth is more than gold.


He is at peace with himself, he is calm and happy – the petty things that once bothered him with other women  may him seem insignificant now. She may have a few extra pounds; however he only sees it as “more of her to love.” She may have another imperfection – he sees it as what makes her unique. She may have debt, however he delights in removing this burden from her by paying it off with pleasure. She may have six children, but he will view this as an opportunity to step in, lighten her load, and make a difference in their lives by treasuring the gifts he now has. He takes delight in the honor of leading and shaping these vessels into human beings of purpose.


Yes… a grown man will value his Mrs. Right as treasure, a true partner and best friend. He will never hesitate or be embarrassed about expressing his love, and he can’t think of one single reason why he should wait one second longer to make a commitment, take her as his wife, and build his future empire.


When he finds the one – he makes her the ONE!


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