Why Every Win Deserves A Celebration

Why Every Win Deserves A Celebration


Personal and professional demands can make it easy to gloss over the “wins” in life. Sometimes the drive to reach the goal is so strong that it overshadows the significance of the success. However, as a Coach, I always encourage my clients to celebrate their wins.  The “wins” are the successes that occur in life. It is important to pause and recognize the victory and not fall into the trap of thinking it is too small to acknowledge. Every win deserves a celebration at some level or another. By doing so, it helps to solidify the achievement in your mind and reinforces your commitment to accomplishing your goal. Both of which can later be used as an anchor when times are challenging and the desire to give up is near.


The act of celebrating wins is not limited to individual performance as many business leaders have begun to incorporate the practice into their company culture. According to the recent Forbes article, Why Celebrating Your Wins Can Make A Big Difference For Growing Companies by Susan Reid, a professor at Bishop’s University, the benefits of celebrating wins in the corporate environment include:

  • Keeping the ups balanced with the downs
  • Helps to close the gap on goal setting
  • Motivates employees

Susan also recommends that business leaders have a quick and easy way to spread the news of a win and host a large, ‘pull out the stops’-style celebration for big achievements. Bottom line–no matter the size of the win, be it personal or professional – STOP, ACKNOWLEDGE AND CELEBRATE! Why Every Win Deserves A Celebration

BONUS TIP: Use journaling as a way to track your wins. As you journal the win be sure to include how you felt, who was a part of the win, what steps led up to the win and any other important information that will help you create a mental picture in your mind for future reference.

I would love to hear from you about how you celebrate the wins in your life.  Post your questions, thoughts, comments, below.  Rize Up! Be Inspired. Be Remarkable™

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