8 Ways to Develop A Leadership Mindset

8 Ways to Develop A Leadership Mindset

“No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it.”  – Andrew Carnegie

The term “leadership mindset” is a high trending buzz term which refers to a person’s mental attitude towards leadership. Understanding and recognizing the value of operating from a leadership mindset is important as it determines your level of performance and those you lead.  In order to improve your current level of results it requires that you modify your behavior and thinking process.  A leadership mindset necessitates that you shift the focus from creating your own success to developing, motivating, and training your team to create their success. When implemented correctly the result is a more productive and cohesive team.

How to develop a leadership mindset:

  1. Look for ways to improve team performance – learn the dynamics of your team and use their strengths to grow and improve overall performance
  2. Inspire your team to grow – selectively assign stretch goals as a challenge; encourage participants to step outside of their comfort zone and think outside of the box
  3. Maintain an open line of communication – provide constant feedback to foster trust and avoid frustration
  4. Take the heat but share the wealth – accept total responsibility for failures and give full credit to your team for success; acknowledge and reward positive performance
  5. Embrace calculated risks – have the courage to confront fears and move forward
  6. Provide a clear roadmap – create a relevant mission statement, applicable to every position
  7. Fuel the fire – ensure that team members have the right training and resources to reach their  goal
  8. Remain open to change – embrace the unknown

Remember, shifting to a leadership mindset is not a one and done deal. It takes consistent and intentional mental and behavior changes.

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