Why Doesn’t He Like Me?

Why Doesn’t He Like Me?

Does this situation sound familiar?  Everything is going well with this awesome hot guy you’ve been dating for months. He acts like the gentleman to your lady, gives you the best dates you ever had, listens to you, and gives you the attention you need.  You feel that chemistry sizzle and you feel deep-down that strong emotional bond that means this can go forever. And when you finally have sex, it’s passionate and mind-blowing.


Then, he starts drifting away.  After months of closeness, just when you think he’s about to pop the question, he doesn’t answer your calls or texts.  He starts cancelling dates, saying something came up at work. He goes out of town for weeks and just tells you a day before he goes. And when you finally kiss and hug, his touch doesn’t feel as warm or as passionate as before.


Then finally the dreaded moment happens.  He says it’s over. It doesn’t matter what the reason is – another woman, he wants to find himself, he’s not ready for a relationship – thing is, he wants out.  And he leaves your life without a look backward.

Why Doesn’t He Like Me?

And you feel that your life is over.  And you blame yourself for what happened.  You keep thinking of the small details that you missed, the ‘subtle’ messages he was trying to tell you – and it all boils down to you.  You ask yourself, “Why doesn’t he like me?”  You can’t let that question go.  Maybe if you can figure out the reasons, it will remove that painful feeling of rejection you are experiencing right now.


Here’s the Real Deal – Your ability to deal with rejection is directly connected to your self-esteem, self-worth and self-love, which is inherently connected to your perception of yourself. Rejection is not easy, but women who have high self-esteem tend to handle rejection with grace;  on the other hand, women with low self-esteem repeatedly select emotionally unavailable men, and then turn around and blame themselves when the relationship doesn’t work. Listen to me – It’s OK to hurt when you feel rejected, but remember – your feelings are YOUR feelings and they are not usually based on facts.


Rejection from a man can have a much less impact if you think of it in the same manner you think of other choices you make in life, such as purchasing a car, flying on a plane or simply choosing ice cream. You usually select a car based on your personal needs, safety and perhaps the features that you have always desired in a car. For example, I love smaller sporty cars with a sunroof, large trunk and great pickup. So naturally after I test-drive a car, and it’s time to make my final decision – I usually end up purchasing a car that has the features that I enjoy. However, just because I made a personal selection does not mean that there is something wrong with the other cars – I did not purchase.


As a matter of fact, the ONLY thing that was wrong with the other cars is – they simply did not have features I desired, nor did they meet my personal needs. So ladies, just because a man does not select you as a mate, does not mean that you are unintelligent, ugly, or not good enough. It simply means that he is not the right man for you.


So my beautiful woman – be kind to yourself and kick the dust off of your stilettos and keep it moving.

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Camille Sheppard-Parrish
Camille Sheppard, PhDc, MBA is a relationship coach and the founder of a Camille Sheppard & Associates, a boutique relationship and life development coaching firm as well as the Successful Women Date Differently Brand and Camille Speaks!