Are You Man-Repellent?

Are You Man-Repellent

Sharon’s story can be yours. It’s very familiar and something I’ve heard from some clients. And the good news is…Sharon’s story ends in a happily-ever-after. The love of her life, Mike, has made a commitment to her, after being distant for some time, which had left Sharon desperate, anxious, and confused.


Sharon is a lovely lady, with a good heart and a brilliant mind.  Like many of you, she’s an achiever, a respected professional in her field.  She’s fiercely independent and makes her own money.  When she met Mike, the sparks just flew!  He was very much as smart, driven, independent, as she was.  He was Alpha Male to her Alpha Female.  They connected on many levels, and when they finally became intimate after six months of dating, Sharon said that the sex was intense, fulfilling, and mind-blowing.


Now this was when things started going downhill.  Sharon noticed Mike pulling back.  Before, he’d call her almost every day and he’d take her out every week.  But all of a sudden, he was beginning to cancel their dates, coming up with work or other excuses.  He didn’t text her as often and he would just drop by to have casual sex.  Now Sharon is convinced that Mike is NOT a player – because he had told her before that she had everything he was looking for in a wife, and he was looking to settling down.


So what went wrong?  Sharon asked me, almost in tears.  My suspicion was…Sharon was leaking too much masculine energy during her personal time with Mike.  She was bringing her ‘boss’ and ‘business woman’ cap to their relationship and times of intimacy.  I helped Sharon identify some of the unconscious behavior that was making her leak too much masculine energy, and showed her how she can open up her feminine side.


Once she did, Mike noticed that something was different and he grew closer to her, making a deep emotional connection with her, and finally professing his love for her. Now… Mike and Sharon have a much healthier and happier relationship!


If you are a busy, smart and successful woman who notices guys saying things like ”you are intimidating” or “you act like you don’t need a man,” you may be subconsciously leaking masculine energy that repels high-quality men or cause them to suddenly get busy and disappear. This may sound shocking, but it’s true! Leading with masculine energy is the ultimate man repellent.


If this sounds familiar, my advice is to schedule a 30-Minute Complimentary Discovery session with me, right now. In our session, I will tell you exactly what messages and energy you’re sending out to men and what steps you can take to turn around your love life, and attract the love you deserve.


I wish you love!

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Camille Sheppard-Parrish
Camille Sheppard, PhDc, MBA is a relationship coach and the founder of a Camille Sheppard & Associates, a boutique relationship and life development coaching firm as well as the Successful Women Date Differently Brand and Camille Speaks!