The ONE Thing You Need To Be A Social Impactor And Social Change Leader

The ONE Thing You Need To Be A Social Impactor And Social Change Leader

So you’ve seen everything that’s been going on in the world and you’ve had enough. Enough is enough is enough. You want to DO something about. Something constructive. Something to change things. Something to affect things.

But what?

What can you do?

What can little ol’ YOU do?

After all, you’re simply a person who is fed up. But you have no skills, right? No knowledge about HOW to DO “something”, right? Besides, even if you did… what makes YOUR something, better than what others are doing out there. YOUR Something will just blend in with the others, right? What makes YOUR something special?

You know what? It’s probably fine. Someone else’s got it. It’s bad, but there are BETTER folks out there, more knowledgeable people, highly equipped people out there who “got this.” After all, any progress is good right?

Then something happens again. And you’re back at it wanting to create a change – the passion inside is still there. The raging bonfire of potential energy inside wants to be kinetic – it wants to be used.

And you’re back in the cycle. But, this time – this time – it’s going to be different.  What makes this time different? You’re here. You’re here, right now, reading this.  Connecting with it. You opened this post looking for answers. You opened this post looking for a way to create change using what’s inside of you.

Personally, I believe if more people followed their hearts, if more people gave credence to their dreams, the world would be a much better place for more people. Truly, in my heart of hearts, I believe that.

In my mission to act as a guiding light for people on their journey from where they are (and how they see themselves) to where they want to be (and how they see THAT self) I’ve picked up on a few patterns behind what keeps people going especially through the challenges and self-doubt that creeps up. I’ve whittled it down to one point: Finding Your Why.

Simple right? Think again. This is the reason people circle on an issue ad nauseum! Lack of KNOWING YOUR WHY is the reason why it took you a while to move yourself forward.

Knowing ones WHY is rooted in motivation and focus. In the simplest terms I can come up with – you are most motivated and focused when you know what’s at stake.

When you get FOCUSED on what’s at stake FOR YOU, you have tapped into your truest source of extreme motivation and the home of your Unique WHY.

That’s right. UNIQUE.  You’re not like everybody else. So, stop using other people’s reasons or reasoning to ignite your passion. The only person who knows what your unique why is is the same person you’ve lived with all your life, the person you touch, smell and hear everywhere you go – You.

I believe that once you know YOUR UNIQUE WHY – you find your way.

And, don’t get me confused, I want you to get this:  There is a difference between your UNIQUE WHY and “a” Why. “a” Why gets you going, your UNIQUE Why leads you to your source.

Simply put – once you find your WHY, you find your WAY.

In my time with my clients, I realized certain questions were key in assisting them to their UNIQUE WHY.  To you, I extend the invitation of reaping the benefits of these discoveries.  On my website is a complimentary gift with my 5 highly effective questions to finding your why. These questions, as mentioned earlier, are also vital in ramping up motivation and focus because they guide you closer and closer to your source – your UNIQUE Why.

One of these questions is the following: What will the impact be?

Ask yourself that question. What will the impact be of leading a social change movement? What will the impact be of the change you wish to bring out? What will the impact be of you leading that change?

If you decided to live more like YOU, and take ACTION on what is in your heart – what will the impact be?

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Nachi Salasini
Coach Nachi holds a bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters in Global Health and Policy.