Ivy Allen

Ivy AllenIvy Allen

Ivy is a stand for people living an extraordinary life. As a human resources professional for over 15 years, Ivy has worked for fortune 500 companies and a prominent university. After extensive training and experiences in both a corporate and higher education setting in the areas of human resources management, career management, employee relations, and training, she chose to work with people to move them forward, preferring to be proactive in her training and coaching rather than reactive.

Ms. Allen coaches in-person or via telephone from her base of operations in Columbia, MD. Coach Ivy specializes in individual, group, and corporate coaching seminars, and workshops focused on personal growth and development. The primary focus of her coaching is love; that is love of self, love for your life, and finding and sustaining the loves of your life; or said another way growing in your power, finding your purpose, and living with passion. Ivy Allen believes that through self-empowerment, you can attract and enhance the loves of your life; whether it’s a career, a commitment, or a companion.

Coach Ivy’s uses modalities that combine intellectual, emotional, and physical integration to raise an individual’s self-concept and self-efficacy thus allowing one to self-actualize. Coach Ivy’s clients are primarily professional women and/or single mothers moving through relationship transitions. Her coaching focuses on the woman’s self-care, self-empowerment, and spiritual balance, allowing individuals to produce fulfilling results in all areas of life.

Ivy is a graduate of an international coaching school CoachU, Inc., and a certified Life Coach. She enjoys her beautiful daughter, Amira, family and friends, coaching partnerships and alliances, developing and leading seminars, and is always in the pursuit of extraordinary living! A lover of dance (especially salsa), good food, music, adventure, and most especially a lover of dessert, Ivy can be found just about anywhere being who she was born to be; inspiration, empowerment , and love.